Southwest Airlines Cancels Some Flights, Including Tampa Trips

TAMPA, FL – Travelers are advised to check on their flights before heading to the airport. Southwest Airlines has already canceled close to 100 flights on Monday, and more may be scratched later. The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered an emergency inspection of all engines identical to the one that failed on a Southwest flight on April 17.

One woman was killed when a part from the exploding engine shattered the window next to her and she was partially sucked out. Another passenger pulled her back inside. It was the first fatality on Southwest Airlines in the company’s history.

At Tampa International Airport, a flight from Tampa to Atlanta scheduled for 11:35 a.m. Monday has been canceled. Also, a flight to New Orleans was canceled Monday morning, according to On Sunday night, another flight from Kansas City to Tampa was canceled.

The FAA order affects more than 300 U.S. planes, which must be inspected within 30 days.

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